Podcast: Understanding SSA: Part 2 Work Incentives

  • Understanding SSA: Part 2

 Understanding SSA: Part 2 РFebruary 24, 2021
Work Incentives

Podcast: Understanding SSA: Part 2

HillaryHatch-ImageHillary Hatch
Area Work Incentive Coordinator
Social Security Administration
Greater Grand Rapids, Michigan Area

I currently serve as the Area Work Incentive Coordinator for the Social Security Administration. My service area for the state includes the Upper Peninsula and the Western Half of the Lower Peninsula. My responsibilities include coordinating outreach activities within my service area and partnering with community organizations to administer Social Security’s employment support provisions. As an experienced employment support specialist, it is my duty to educate and promote Social Security’s work incentive and employment support programs to the public, to our advocates and to our employees.


The Red Book


Power Point: Social Security Disability: Part 2
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