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S2 E26 They Listen, They Care

They Listen, They Care Season 2 Episode 26 #58 March 6, 2023 Podcast Link: They Listen, They Care Individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (I/DD) and their families often find themselves dealing with complexity and even intentional obfuscation as they navigate the path of Medicaid eligibility and benefits That is why we find it exhilarating […]

Barriers to the Ballot

S2 E24 Barriers to the Ballot

Barriers to the Ballot Season 2 Episode 24 #56 July 21, 2022 Podcast Link: Barriers to the Ballot Voting is a constitutional right for an overwhelming majority of Americans, but the reality is people with disabilities, racial minorities and economically challenged individuals face far more obstacles to voting than most voters.  Unsubstantiated allegations of mass […]