S2 E23 An Anecdotal Field Guide for The Rest of Us

  • An Anecdotal Field Guide for The Rest of Us

An Anecdotal Field Guide for The Rest of Us
Season 2 Episode 23 #55
June 24, 2022
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Tracee Garner
Tracee Garner

In this new book, Tracee offers you the tips she remembers, stories of adversity and success, to document her personal battles with self and others in a position to grant or deny life-saving tools, equipment, and the access to freedom we all hold dear but often take for granted. The author encourages all of us to use the Field Notes daily to meet success and navigate each one of life’s seemingly impossible hurdles. Topics in the book include: employment, mental health, education, family, physical health, travel, recreation, emergency preparedness, housing, and more, throughout the lens of that elephant in the room, the things no one addresses as you live a life because we to are trying to figure it all out and many of us keep the cliff notes to ourselves. How will you do any of this despite disability? It won’t be easy, but you’ll make it. Who is this book for? Anyone who could use some encouragement and real, candid talk about live with disability. Use this book to start to answering all those things that worry us but we don’t want to confront. Make a plan with this book for long-term challenges and navigating the “No’s” in life. Find what you need that no one wants to tell you, with a special section called The Parent to Disabled Child Manifesto. This book is for us all but especially anyone working with and/or raising children and young adults with disabilities, direct support, self advocates, special needs teachers, and the practitioners, caregivers, uncles/aunts and any member of society still ignorant in their thinking about the contributions and capabilities of Americans with disabilities. Sound advice through personal experience can make all the difference in the world.

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