S2 E22 VitalxChange: The Uber of Disability Resources

  • VitalxChange: The Uber of Disability Resources

VitalxChange: The Uber of Disability Resources
Season 2 Episode 22 #54
June 24, 2022
Podcast Link: VitalxChange: The Uber of Disability Resources


If you set out to climb the Himalayas it would be wise to hire a Sherpa. Why, you ask? Because the climb may be treacherous and your mistakes very costly! A sherpa has been on the path many times and knows how to climb to the top with positive results. How much do you want to leave to chance? The same may be said about navigating the challenges and obstacles ever present for people with disabilities. Legal planning, financial planning, benefits planning, educational programs, work incentives (and disincentives), IEPs, Person Centered Planning, Medicaid Waivers, Social Security Disability, affordable and accessible housing, transportation…. All these added together make that Himalayan climb look like a walk in the park! If you need help, you may find Vitalxchange is the answer…or your Sherpa! Vitalxchange has created a world where parents and providers caring for special needs children can partner to help children thrive.



Jennifer HulmeJennifer Hulme

Jennifer Hulme is a Vital Guide for VitalXchange and also the Founder and Executive Director of Hulme Resources Inc. Jennifer’s passion is supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families navigate the very complex system of entitlement based services (IEP’s, 504’s) and eligibility based services (adult services, post secondary education, employment). Through VitalXChange, Jennifer is able to reach individuals anywhere in the country! She is based in Kansas City and lives with her husband, Chris; son Zach; and their two dogs, Rocket and Groot.

Andrea Wooley

Andrea Wooley is a Parent VitalGuide with Vitalxchange. In addition, Andrea is a US Navy veteran, a mother, wife, and a graduate of National Society of Leadership. She has earned a Bachelor of Social Work and a Master’s Degree of Human Services. Andrea is currently slated to receive, in July 2022, a Doctorate in Human Services with a concentration in Leadership and Organizational Management. Her passion is to promote diversity and inclusivity for individuals with developmental disabilities and is fiercely dedicated to creating societal change.


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