S2 E33 Visual Thinking in a “Talky Culture” with Temple Grandin

  • Visual Thinking in a "Talky Culture" with Temple Grandin

Visual Thinking in a “Talky Culture” with Temple Grandin
Season 2 Episode 33 #64
November 12, 2023
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Temple Grandin

Ever wondered how one’s mindset shapes their success? Join us as we explore this theme with the remarkable Dr. Temple Grandin, an autism advocate who turned her diagnosis into a testament of resilience. She shares her journey from a non-verbal childhood to becoming a professor at Colorado State University and a celebrated author. Listen in to this riveting conversation and learn about her fervent advocacy for people with disabilities, her views on the value of different thinking styles, and her firm belief in hands-on skills in both education and industry.

In today’s tech-driven world, practical skills are often overlooked. However, they carry immense value, not just in education, but also in industry. This episode highlights the importance of practical skills, the impact of mentorship, and the crucial role of social skills. We discuss the influence of Dr. Grandin’s mother, and William Carlock, Temple’s grade school science teacher her early educators, who, from an early age, challenged and inspired her.  We also examine the impact of technology on practical skills, and Dr. Grandin’s views on transitioning young adults with autism into independence.

Our thoughtful conversation goes on to embrace the importance of exposure to a variety of activities for young adults with autism. We delve into the pressing need for policymakers to understand the practical side of things, and we finish off with a profound discussion on social responsibilities. Hear Dr. Grandin’s insights on social skills in autism, the significance of responsibility, and the changing dynamics of teaching manners in schools. Don’t miss out on this enlightening episode with Dr. Grandin, it promises to provide you with a fresh perspective on success, resilience, and the power of the human mind.

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