S2 E5 Podcast: A Short Bridge to Inclusion

  • A Short Bridge to Inclusion

A Short Bridge to Inclusion
Season 2 Episode 5 #38
August 25, 2021
Podcast: A Short Bridge to Inclusion

Rebecca Beam
Rebecca Beam

Rebecca Beam

Rebecca Beam is Founder and CEO of Zavikon. Prior to launching Zavikon she was a founding advisory team member launching MindSpark, Inc. whose mission was to train and employ adults on the autism spectrum in technology careers. After MindSpark’s acquisition by auticon, Rebecca became President of the US operations leading the US expansion and driving growth.

As a veteran of the tech sector, Rebecca’s career has included senior leadership roles sourcing and developing human capital with high-demand skill sets for the area’s leading tech firms, including Fortune 100 and 500 brands. Rebecca believes there is a job out there for everyone to apply their talents and skills in a meaningful way and she is dedicated to being a bridge to an inclusive working world. She is passionate about opening doors for all individuals with disabilities or those who are neurodivergent to achieve career success. In 2019, Rebecca won the prestigious Milestones Visionary Employer Award.


Rebecca loves bridges, a lot!

So, she wanted to incorporate a bridge into the brand thus creating the company’s tag line to be “Bridge to Inclusion”.

When searching out a name she googled the “shortest bridge in the world”. 

Here is what she found…

My note: One island is in the United States and one is in Canada

picture of a bridge


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