S2 E6 Podcast: Letting Go and Letting Grow

  • Letting Go and Letting Grow

Letting Go and Letting Grow
Season 2 Episode 6 #39
September 1, 2021
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Helen Barron
Helen Barron

Helen Barron & Jason Barron

Jason Barron
Jason Barron

It’s hard to let go of things…and I have a garage filled with items I should have let go of years ago. But I keep thinking, maybe I’ll find a use for this “thing.” But I hardly if ever do. It is much different letting go of people, but it is natural and necessary when raising children to “let them go” in order to “let them grow.” We learn by facing new life challenges, often making mistakes in the process, but learning from our experiences! I have personally made my share of mistakes and have learned some valuable life lessons. But it is a little different for parents when the child they are “letting go” of has an intellectual and/or developmental disability. We feel protective. We feel responsible. We feel indispensable. But we have a responsibility to our children with I/DD to provide them with a life of self-determination and inclusion. Why? Because human beings thrive when they are allowed to grow. We also make better connections and friendships that serve us well throughout our lives when we make our own choices and pursue our own interests. Of course, parents and families will always be “there” for support and especially in times of trial, but we owe it to our children to try out their own wings. Our session today is with Helen Barron and her son Jacob Barron who almost three years ago successfully moved out of the family home and has done amazingly well, with appropriate supports, living in his own apartment.



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