Podcast: At Home with The Kelsey

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At Home with The Kelsey – December 9, 2020

Podcast: At Home with The Kelsey

MicaelaMicaela’s biography…

Inspired by her cousin Kelsey, Micaela has been working on inclusion in communities her entire life. She has seen firsthand the housing crisis facing adults with developmental disabilities and their families. As a research fellow at the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies, she spent a year studying the issue in detail. The Kelsey exists to turn the challenge of disability housing into the opportunity of inclusive community.

Micaela completed her MPP at Harvard Kennedy School focusing on housing, disability inclusion, and community development. She was a Cheng Fellow at the Harvard Social Innovation and Change Initiative where she worked on designing The Kelsey. In 2017, she received her MBA as a Mitchell Scholar in the Smurfit School at University College Dublin. She’s a proud University of Virginia Wahoo.

Prior to The Kelsey, Micaela was founder and CEO of Unified Theater.

Moving From Integration to Inclusion
“Sometimes, when people talk about creating communities, they talk about integration and inclusion as though they’re the same thing.   While we favor as many community homes to be built for people with disabilities and people of all incomes as possible, we specifically focus on how communities can be truly inclusive.  Our community stakeholders have echoed the same, wanting homes thoughtfully created with a sense of community and a value of diversity.  Here we talk about ways to think about what to think through when creating truly inclusive communities.” https://thekelsey.org/learn-center/moving- from-integration-to-inclusion/

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