S2 E8 Podcast: Forgiveness: The Pathway from Emotional Pain to Growth

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Forgiveness: The Pathway from Emotional Pain to Growth
Season 2 Episode 8 #41
September 15, 2021
Podcast Link: Forgiveness: The Pathway from Emotional Pain to Growth

Everyone has heard the phrase “forgive and forget.” That isn’t always possible, or even advisable. It is important to remember. To recall emotional pain that has played a destructive role in the course of your life and in your relationships. With these memories it becomes even more important to forgive, or to ask forgiveness, so you may convert the hidden pain your have experienced in your past from suffering to growth. A very empathic person, Shannon has accumulated great knowledge and experience in the process of healing emotional pain through forgiveness. She is eager to share her leanings and experiences by coaching others in the journey from suffering to growth.

Shannon Elhart
Shannon Elhart

Shannon Elhart

Although my personal life has provide a lot of education in healing, here’s a bit about my professional life – I’ve always worked in the human services field.  My career began as a teacher of severely emotionally impaired middle school students and then of your typical fifth grade kid.  I worked hard to get a Master’s degree in counselor education and psychology which allowed me to become a counselor for children.  When I decided to work with adults, I returned to school to become a certified life coach.  And that led me to creating something I am incredibly passionate about… 

The best result of my pain and HEALING is that I’ve used what and how I healed to help others leave the pain of their past behind like I did.  The changes in my life and in the lives of hundreds of clients inspired me to create a different and more effective way to help people heal. 

Although traditional therapy is what people typically turn to when they’re suffering, I don’t believe it’s the best therapeutic approach for most people or for healing after the most common painful life experiences. 

Realizing this sparked my creation of an alternative to therapy called Insight Healing which is an empowering way for you to take the driver’s seat of your healing instead of being a bystander laying on the couch talking about your pain over and over without deeply and consciously healing.  

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