S2 E13 The Many Flavors of Medicaid Waivers 201 [Part 2]

  • The Many Flavors of Medicaid Waivers 201  [Part 2]

The Many Flavors of Medicaid Waivers 201 [Part 2]
Season 2 Episode 13 #45
November 10, 2021
Podcast Link: The Many Flavors of Medicaid Waivers 201 [Part 2]

Imagine yourself on a vacation to a country where your native language is not spoken. Let’s say Portugal. You do not know how to speak or read Portuguese, but you are given a map to help you get around…. but the map (of course) is printed in Portuguese. You can see the roads and have a vague idea of where you are going, but the map does not tell you what the BEST route is. And you won’t know what lies between your current location and your destination because….YOU CAN’T READ PORTUGUESE! If you get lost it will be hard to ask for directions unless you can find someone who speaks your language. Are you feeling a little stressed out? State Medicaid regulations are not written in Portuguese, but amid all the other confusion about benefits, qualifications, forms, releases and assessments that must take place to qualify and receive Medicaid benefits the forest can often get obscured by all the trees. What is the difference between a Habilitation Waiver, a MI Choice Waiver, and a MI Health Link Waiver? Which one is the best fit for you or your loved one…and how do you decide (If you have been given a choice)? How does a Person-Centered Plan determine Medical Necessity for an individual with I/DD. Today’s episode will try to answer these and more important questions for you! And if you have any questions that are not addressed, please contact us at contact@NLAWKI.com. We would love to hear from you!

Jan LampmanJan Lampman

Jan Lampman has worked with individuals with Intellectual and developmental disabilities since 1985. Starting as a direct support professional in her last year at Saginaw Valley State University, Jan developed a passion for inclusion and community for all citizens. Upon graduation from SVSU, Jan continued her work with people with I/DD as a group home manager, opening 5 homes to allow individuals to leave a state institution. Jan then moved on to The Arc of Midland, where she worked for 27 years, developing new initiatives, and helping to create a culture in her community that supports, values, and includes people with I/DD. After working with a team in Midland to establish opportunities for people with I/DD to live in homes of their own, Jan was a founding member and faculty of the Michigan Academy for Self Determination. Jan was also a consultant for the Center For Self Determination. With the Michigan Academy and the Center for Self Determination, Jan taught people all over the country about the principles of Self Determination. Jan is currently the owner of Community Drive, a consulting and training organization dedicated to promoting Self Determination, Person Centered Planning, Community, positive change and thriving. Jan is the mother of two young men, one adopted out of the foster care system.



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