S2 E3 Podcast: Charting The Labyrinth of Planning and Services

  • Charting The Labyrinth of Planning and Services

Charting The Labyrinth of Planning and Services
Season 2 Episode 3 #36
 August 11, 2021
Podcast Link: Charting The Labyrinth of Planning and Services

Eric Jorgensen
Eric Jorgensen

Eric Jorgensen
Special Needs Navigator

Planning is tough enough when it’s “just” you, and if applicable, your spouse/partner. Add a child with disabilities to this mix and it can quickly become overwhelming. Suddenly the number of things you “have” to do has increased exponentially. Where do you even start?

You have questions, I get it. I was in your shoes. I was completely lost when my wife died, she literally took care of everything. I failed to find a single resource I could turn to and rely on to give me a clear roadmap of my next steps. The who, when, why, where, and how I so desperately needed.

That’s what led to me starting Special Needs Navigator. I don’t want you going through my experience. You deserve to have someone in your corner who will connect the dots for you. The answers may not always be what you want to hear, but at least you will know. You don’t have to worry about asking the right questions. When you work with me, we build a roadmap for your family.

If this sounds like something you want/need let’s talk. You can reach me by email, eric@specialneedsnavigator.us. Or you can set up a free consultation using the link below.   https://meetings.hubspot.com/eric1021


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