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September 22, 2021

I’m probably showing my age…but some of you might remember the routine of “defragging” your computer to allow it to work more quickly and efficiently. It was once described to be as allowing your computer to take some time to put files away and “clean up” it’s desk. This was it was able to work better. Well, wouldn’t it be nice to defrag your mind on occasion? Just to put away the loose ends and clutter that we tend to accumulate and bog down our brain and sap our energy? Well, you can defrag your mind with a simple process called meditation. It’s not a “new age” phenomenon or a fad. As a matter of fact, it’s now pretty much mainstream in Western society and is used to improve people’s lives from boardrooms to locker rooms. From grade schools to grad schools. And to help overcome emotional as well as physical pain. There’s no costly equipment to buy, no deep philosophical concepts to master and not even any specific right way to do it. Our new series on practicing mindfulness, called The Mindful Minute will help you defrag your mind and hopefully also help you improve your outlook on life, love, work and the common everyday stressors that plague the lives of people living with disabilities and the people they love.

I hope you enjoy The Mindful Minute! 
Be well and be kind, 

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